ChalkWall – Chalkboard

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The practical chalkboard for your ToolBoard or the wall mounting.


For a long time it existed as a plain blackboard, now the chalkboard celebrates its comeback. The chalkboard is quite "smooth" thanks to the high-quality special laminate when writing on it and can be cleaned again with a damp microfiber cloth.
Write on the chalkboard with our chalk markers Neuland ChalkOne®. Of course, you can also use the ChalkWall simply as a dark background for self-adhesive moderation cards Stick-It or our Estatics.
Important note: Protect ChalkWall from direct sunlight!
Technical data Material: In a special process laminated boards are glued under vacuum and coated with laminate, which is can be written on. Dimension: 75 x 112.5 cm / 29.5 x 44.2 inches Color: grey Weight: 6.2 kg