The Fine Sketchnoting Kit

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Everything you need to get into sketchnoting – let’s do this.

Sketchnoting, the combination of sketches and notes, is the perfect way to illustrate coherences better and clearer. We perceive over 80% of our impressions visually – and this visual information is being processed by our brain faster than other information. Thus, the preparation of fast sketchnotes on handy formats helps to understand content faster and to anchor it better in our memory. Sketchnoting does not have the claim of art – it should be a tool. It is primarily about dealing with the content on a visual level, not "beautiful" drawing. Only the really important information is shown as small, simple graphics and symbols, which also receive more detail through textual annotations.
That's efficient – the brain is creatively stimulated, and these notes are picked up after a long time to quickly remember. With this set you have everything you need to sketchnote: a sketchbook in the ideal format and various markers for drawing symbols, shading, and highlighting in different colors.
The kit is suitable for anyone who wants to illustrate visual notes from now on. Especially for workshop leaders who want to equip participants of sketchnoting workshops.
Scope of delivery: Sketchbook DIN A5, Wire-O-binding, 20 sheets, dot matrix gimmeFive + 1, rubber band with 6 loops, width 3 cm / 1.2 inches, diameter approx. 15 cm / 6 inches Neuland FineOne® Outliner round nib 1 mm Neuland FineOne® Sketch 0.5 mm, 601 red orange Neuland FineOne® Art brush nib 0.5-5 mm, 107 grey 4 Neuland FineOne® Art brush nib 0.5-5 mm, 501 yellow Neuland FineOne® Sketch 0.7 mm, black Neuland FineOne® Sketch 0.3 mm, black