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Visual Dictionary for flipcharts, methodology posters & pictorial words. With key worded templates, the latest "bikablo" inspires your individual dialogue posters – for coaching, online workshops, larger group conferences, graphic recordings and many other scenarios.

The new bikablo book presents 130 poster templates, ranging from the classic welcome poster, check-in and reflection to open space and future conferencing. As always at bikablo, everything is completely systematic, from the practice for the practice, easy to replicate and versatile. In order to get started right away, we start bikablo posters with the most important visualisation tips for flipchart and pinboard.
bikablo® posters are not only designed for consultants and moderators with "two left hands" but as well as experienced visual facilitators, graphic recorders and visual storytellers.
The new binding makes it practical, compact and suitable for everyday use despite its extensive 144 pages. The "new bikablo" is presented in a convenient A5 format with an unusual half-linen look. The perfect gift not only for Christmas!
From the contents: 12 flipchart tips Flipchart classic – newly designed The 10 best bikablo picture posters Develop your own work posters Method templates Image worlds for Visual Storytelling & Graphic Recording
What do the stars of the visualization scene say?
“Three cheers to team bikablo for this invaluable resource!” Brandy Agerbeck,
“If you have any resistance to being visual with your charting, this book will get you over it.” David Sibbet,
“bikablo delightfully brings the visual scale of the poster for visual trainers, learners, and professionals.” Dan Roam,
Technical Details: Edition: Half-linen, 144 pages Dimensions: A5 transverse (210x148 mm) Language: german/english ISBN: 978-3-940315-30-4