Thinking with Hands® – Starter Set

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Complete starter set for a one-day Thinking with Hands® workshop with one trainer and 6 participants

With the starter set, which comprises 1 Trainer Kit and 6 User Kits, you have everything you need for your Thinking with Hands ® work shop with 6 participants.
Tip: For workshops lasting several days we recommend an additional User Kit in case the participants use up the materials supplied and need further materials. Bear in mind that each participant should start with the same basic materials!
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Technical details : Trainer ToolKit: Case Material: Polyester 600 d, black, W 36 x D 9 x H 28 cm UserKit: Dimensions: W 46 x D 15 x H 28 cm
Scope of delivery : 1 Trainer ToolKit Case in black polyester with all-round zip Detailed trainer instructions – Thinking with Hands ® 3 pack Pinboard Pins, orange 3 pack Pinboard Pins, grey 3 Neuland FineOne ® Outliner, round nib 1 mm 1 tins with acrylic sequins diamond 3 bottles adhesive 3 pairs scissors 3 cutters 3 pack elastic bans 3 double sharpeners
6 UserKit jeweils 1 participant box with carry handle 1 pencil 1 modelling clay 10 colours 1 mySketchbook Neuland 6 Creative Business sheets 1 Pack craft sticks assorted colours 4 chenille wire diameter 9 mm (pipe cleaners) 1 each of red/blue/ green/yellow 1 coloured art paper block A4 – 10 sheets assorted colours 6 polystyrene beads white, 3 each of diameter 40/60 mm 2 plastic balls, two-section, transparent, diameter 50 mm 2 modelling board 1 pack pompoms 100 items assorted colours 1 information flyer