Estatics M

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Electrostatic adhesive pads in 8 colors. Estatics are perfect for idea-finding, brainstorming, teamwork. Set your ideas free!

Estatics color

Estatics are self-adhesive notes created with a unique charging technology, which do not need pins or glue. Whether individual or group work, brainstorming, agile project management, kanban or presentation: they stick to almost any smooth surface for a long period of time, e.g. paper, hard foam or whiteboard boards, glass, plastic, metal, cork or wood.
Tip: You can also work on our white Estatics with colors. We recommend for this a marker with wedge nib.
For labeling we recommend: Front: Neuland No.One® Estatics or Neuland FineOne® Estatics (fastest drying time) or Outliner. Pens, pencils or other writing instruments are compatible as well. White backside: WhiteboardMarker (wipeable). Turn every surface into a creative space!
Environmental protection starts with small things – recycle your Estatics!
Size:  100 x 70 mm (3.94 x  2.76 inches) Sorting: 100 sheets, electrostatic adhesive, available in a single color: transparent, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, beige or grey Material:  recyclable polypropylene